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Creating first CslaExtension application

These are the steps for creating a simple CslaExtension application:


- Download latest CSLA library ( and extract it to some location on your disk
- Install CslaExtension (see Installation for details)

Database setup

- Using SqlServer Management studio connect to the server. For this demo I'll use SqlExpress server installed on my local machine.
- Create a new database named HelloCslaExtension.
- Right click on the database and select "New Query"
- Paste and execute this SQL to create a new table in the database:
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Employees](
	[ID] [int] NOT NULL,
	[Name] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,
		[ID] ASC

Entity Framework model

- Start Visual Studio and create a new Console project named HelloCslaExtension
- Add a reference to the CSLA library: right click on the project -> Add Reference... -> locate Csla\Server\Csla.dll and add it to your project

- Right click on the project and choose Add New Item -> Data -> Ado.Net Entity Data Model and name it HelloModel.edmx
- Choose Model Contents -> Generate from database
- Choose Your Data Connection -> New Connection: Server name=.\sqlexpress; Use Windows Authentication; Database name=HelloCslaExtension
- Choose Your Database Objects: select all tables and leave everything else as it is
- Click Finish and Visual Studio creates and displays the model

Code generation

- Right click on the empty area of the model and choose Add code generation item -> Visual C# items -> CslaExtension.Template and click Add
- Important: click on the empty area of the model and display properties window (F4). If the property "Code Generation Strategy" is set to None, select "Default"

- Now your project should look like this:


- Select Employees object on the EF model and choose EditableRoot of the Csla Class Template


Writing code

- Open Program.cs class and write following code in the Main method

        static void Main(string[] args)
            //Writing one employee to the database
            HelloCslaExtensionModel.Employees writeEmployee = HelloCslaExtensionModel.Employees.New();
            writeEmployee.ID = 1;
            writeEmployee.Name = "Test Employee";

            //Reading one employee from the database
            HelloCslaExtensionModel.Employees readEmployee = HelloCslaExtensionModel.Employees.Get(1);
            Console.WriteLine("Employee name: {0}", readEmployee.Name);

That's it, we have created our first CslaExtension application.

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