Current Status? and Demo doesn't work?

Feb 24, 2011 at 5:07 PM

I have just joined this group and downloaded everything I can find.  I have worked with CSLA for many years and am excited to have found a code generator for CSLA to Entity Framework. I have used other generators in the past, mostly comExpress.

I am not seeing much activety in releases or discussions here.  What is the current status of this project?  Is anyone actively working on it?

When I tried to run the demo, the first error I got was that dbo.CustomersInfo did not exist in the database. I was using my existing Northwind db which indeed does not have that table or view. I looked in the db create script and it is not defined there either.  I created CustomersInfo and OrdersInfo as views on the assumption that this is what is expected.  Is that the right thing to do?  If yes the documentation needs to be updated and/or the db create script needs to be fixed??

That got my form to come up with a display of Customers and Orders. The next problem I got was when I double clicked a Customer, there is no TestColumn in Customers. I added one and now that form comes up.

I am running the release version, not the alpha versoin of the extension, is that the best idea?  Also, does this regenerate the csla objects when I run in the development environement or how do i make that happen. I did not see any CSLA namespaces defined in the model. Is this model ok to regenerate object from?

I have a day to look at this before I determine if this is a direction I want to go. I am not trying to complain but with the initial bugs I have found, it makes we question whether this is a viable project or not. I am sure I will have a lot more questions once I get deeper into it, but for now I just need some answeres to my quesitons above but mainly to understand  what the current status is?????? 



Feb 24, 2011 at 6:24 PM

Dear BarryFz,

This project is being maintained by a group of volunteers in their free time, and we definitely welcome people's free time if they have more than we have.

The last commit to the source tree was January 7th of this year, which is not that far back as to qualify this project as dead I think, so improvements will , and do, come in due time.

There might be bugs with the demo application, and you're always welcome to add entries in the Issue Tracker. You mention a "db create script", but I don't recall having seen such a script. The DB that we distribute with the demo application is an MDF file. Are you saying that this mdf file is missing tables/columns ? Though I have never actually used the demo DB, I can garantee you that the extension works against the DBs here at work.

Josip Budimir, this project's founder uses this extension in real world projects, so I guess there has to be some added value to using it. That being said, I find that only one day to evaluate a product is a bit on the slim side.

I'm sorry if there were problems with your first trial, but I'm sure we can all work at identifying the issues and solve them in a timely fashion.

I hope this helps you take a decision.



Feb 24, 2011 at 8:07 PM

Hi guys.

Luc, thanks for explaining our current status.

Barry, this project is alive and I use it on a daily basis. I have created some very complex applications using this extension. It would be great if I had more free time to invest in this project, mainly for the documentation and examples, but I've been very busy with my company projects last few months. If you want to use this extension for your work, feel free to ask anything, I'll try to answer all the questions ASAP. I can help you with your project setup, you can send me your questions on my email: josipbudimir[at] 

I'm following news about EF and CSLA, and will update this extension with new features. I'm also thinking about releasing commercial version of this extension.

Best regards,

Josip Budimir

Feb 25, 2011 at 1:36 AM

Luc and Josip,

Thanks for your feedback. I am glad to learn this project is active.  I can appreciate that everyone is busy and that finding time to make everything perfect in the demos is not easy. I will try to contribute to that effotr as  I work through this. I did not mean to sound as if I was complaining loudly.  The problems I have encountered I was able to work through fairly quickly and I have a favorable view of this effort so far.  If I had not used CSLA for so long, I would agree that a day to evaluate is a very slim. I also didn't mean to imply that I would have it all figured out in just a day, but that I would be able to tell if more time looking at this would be a good bet. Afrer a day, I believe it is. This looks pretty promising and I will be working with it further tomorrow.  One question I have is what benefits do you see to using EF as opposed to generators that are just using just ADO.Net commands?


Feb 25, 2011 at 2:04 AM

OK, I'm getting some more time to wander around the site. One thing that gave me the impression there was not much going on here was that the downloads section, which is where a newbie is going to go, has latest download back in October and I think that is listed as an Alpha version.  Now that I have gone to the code section I see that there have been updates since then. I pulled the latest one and will try it tomorrow.



Feb 25, 2011 at 3:27 AM


For my part, I must admit that I like using EF only for the visual designer, and that so far, I'm not 100% sold to EF over other data access frameworks (ADO.NET, Linq to SQL).

Right now, I'm working on a CSLA.NET project that involves Linq to SQL data access, so I have to use another set of templates, but my dream would be to bring the CSLAExtension to a point where we could actually choose the data access layer.


Feb 25, 2011 at 7:45 AM

I'm 99% satisfied with this extension. There are some minor issues that are bugging me, but I have found acceptable workarounds.

One thing that's most valuable for me, is that this extension gives me possibility to refactor my code easily. Using CSLA you'll have to write a lot of code even for simple tasks, and when you discover that something can be done in some other way, you'll have re-write everything manually. As your project comes closer to the end, you'll have less and less time to do so. Using this extension, it's very easy to make changes to your model and refactor your code.

About EF as a data access, I think that it's very good, and getting better. I'm looking forward to EF Feature that's CTP 5 right now ( That will solve some issues that I have when using large EF models (they introduced "areas", so you can have many diagrams for one model). In my current project, I have around 100 tables, 20 views and 20 stored procedures and everything works very smoothly. 


Feb 25, 2011 at 8:15 PM

Still poking around and playing with the demo. Here's what I see and/or have question about:

1. In .edmx no CSLA BL Namespace or DAL Namepsace is specified? If i mess with the .edmx I think it regens and then I have errors that keep me from running at all.

2. In .edmx on the entities no Csla properties are set?  No namespace, template, collectin name or item name??

3. What is the pupose of

4. if I add an orderdetail and save, then a get an error in ShowForm on OrdersEditForm: Invalid for Root Objects - use Delete instead??

5. I would like to add ShipVia to the CustomersEditForm and edit it using a combo box. How should I do that?

6. I would like the ShipVia name , not id , to show on the Customer grid. How should I do that?


Feb 25, 2011 at 9:49 PM


like Luc, I am more involved with Linq to SQL / Classes, using other templates, doing a lot of backend  work.  I did try T4CSLA, I find it very cool, useful., used it to generate a variety of classes from different views of a model(s) 

and solve different issues. So far, I did not buy into EF totally